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You can invest all your life and maybe when you're 75 you might be rich. Or you can try to get rich now. The buy and hold blue chip strategy doesn't work anymore. You can try smallcap penny stock movers email alerts. I'm not saying every penny stock will blow up but the gains seen in penny stocks can be extraordinary! Gains of 100% - 300% can easily be seen in days just check out our last pick. Don't believe me?

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Smallcap Penny Stock Movers: Past Pennystock Pick MDXO.

Midex Gold Corp (MDXO.OB)

The investor relations started at $0.37 and has hit a high of $0.92. hundreds of people on our limited email alerts list Smallcap Pennystock Movers received this information and received a samllcap penny stock mover..

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James from Manitoba:
After reading a profile they sent me about ECU Silver my first buy in returned over 1000% in 6 months! From .35 cents to my sell at $3.50!

Robert from Florida:
When I read the email about R it was trading at 45 cents.Because of skepticism my purchase amounted to 3300 shares.It shortly went above .90 cents! Wish I'd bought 30,000! But I am a fan!

Houston from Orlando:
Seemed to me a juniour gold company trading at 50 cents did not have the goods!Boy was that wrong! My initial investment of $5000.00 turned in to $15,000 in short order!


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Simply Best Penny Stocks is like that investor you have heard bragging about his or her 100% or 1000% return on a stock or about the guy who made it rich by investing in small caps, undiscovered stocks that made it big. In theory, it seems to be too easy. Invest in a couple of penny stocks, then sell them when they move up. Unfortunately, it is too easy. Too easy to lose money unless you know what to look for.


It is common for a small cap stocks to trade for pennies. Often it takes an eager audience of investors to move a stock from $0.05 to $0.75 of exciting company news or developments. Unfortunately, it is too easy. Too easy to lose money unless you know what to look for.